daily junk la • I met this man…”The One AM Radio” on my flight...

I met this man…”The One AM Radio” on my flight back to LA. He was sitting next to me. We shared SXSW stories. He was there for music and film while I was there for interactive.

He lives in Los Feliz, does work with Postal Service (I die…) and now wants to collaborate with me.

He shared his lovely lovely LOVE story of him and his wife. She is a doll. He walked and talked me through their beginnings leading up to their special day followed by a quick swipe love journey through his iphone. 

I will say he was a kind fella and now that I’m surfing this music on SoundCloud…I am even that more stoked that I got to chat it up with some pretty cool. 

Perhaps a double date in the making while chatting creative ideas. 

I tell ya, God has me meeting the coolest people along my journies. Never a dull moment. 

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